Video Media Rocks!
I only select the best when it comes to projects with my clients. In the Greater Portland/ Vancouver, WA area Dan is the best and will always be my first choice for any project!

I’ve worked with Dan exclusively on a few different projects and he has always captured stunning, cinematic footage. Dan has a way of capturing shots, angles, and subjects in such a way that is both entertaining and exciting. His shooting style captures the eye and draws attention to the subject matter.

A great shoot begins even before a clip of footage is captured. Dan is experienced in working with people, communicating thoughts and ideas. He has the ability to convert my clients’ scripts and ideas into works of art… each time he has made it better than what they originally thought was possible.
I highly recommend Dan for any project where you want the best!

I’ve been working with Dan at Video Media on a variety of video projects for the past 10 years—from corporate videos and technology product series to 30 sec. commercials and YouTube pre-roll spots.

Dan has a proactive, positive attitude and he brings it to every project. He is well prepared and anticipates what the project is going to need and then he brings more–always adding value whether behind the camera or in the edit suite. And I hear he’s a pretty good drummer.

I  have been working with Dan Pred and his company Video Media for the last decade. He has many fantastic attributes. Among them are:

  • A great Director of Photography, he considers the entire project as he shoots each shot.
  • His energy and drive are off the charts.
  • He understands each project and brings his creative energy and talent to not only the shooting but edit.
  • He is fast and accurate with his editorial skills.
  • He always delivers on time and on budget.
  • Besides all of above Dan is fun to work with and brings his own ideas to each project.

I have been working with Dan and his team for more than 4 years and they are fantastic to work with.  I could not be more pleased with the camera, audio and editing work. The finished video is always top notch.  Dan and and his team are easy to work with, have great ideas and take the work very seriously to make sure we get exactly what we are looking for.  Thank you Dan and team!  Would highly recommend!

Dan Pred and Video Media are an essential part of our marketing team.

O’Loughlin Trade Shows, the largest independent trade and consumer show producer in the United States, has relied on Dan and his team for the past three years and he’s performed beyond expectation.

Dan’s always on-time, he’s prepared, has exceptional equipment and is prompt and reliable in his edited material.  Our marketing, like most, is deadline driven and Dan’s delivered without fail. Whether it’s producing engaging TV spots, editing attention-getting shorts for social media or shooting our events, Dan understands what we’re after and brilliantly and effectively communicates our events through the videos he shoots and edits.  We couldn’t be more pleased with Dan Pred and Video Media.  He is, and will continue to be, our go-to video production solution for all the trade and consumer shows we produce.

t: 503.708.5352

Dan Pred, Owner, Video Media

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